Original Dogs of River's Edge

By Nate

Those of you who have been guests of ours for many years might remember your shoes—or steaks—being stolen off the front porch of your cabin or grill by our enormous bear-of-a-dog, named Sam. Back in the 00s he liked to patrol the property and check out what the guests at each cabin were having for dinner.

Here is Sam below. He liked steaks. He stole lots of steaks. Sam was our local Head-of-Security. if you like the Hank the Cowdog books, he was kind of like our Hank—he had no fear. 

Sam the strong, Sam the wise.


Having Sam live out his last few years with me was pure awesomeness. I grew up with that dude. The shot above was one of the last I got of him. What a beast he was!

Some of you may also remember Peter, our head welcome-dog and Head-of-Entertainment  at River’s Edge. He was less of a steak-thief and more of a showman and guide. His stomp-dances were renowned. He was kind of nuts. If you threw a rock in the river, he’d go get it for you, then he’d stomp it to death like a crazy person. He liked to show off.


We miss these dudes. For a long-time we didn’t allow guests to bring pets to River’s Edge because these guys were here and they were already too much to handle. 

A few years ago we changed our policy to be pet-friendly—we miss our own dogs so much that we like to see other folks’s on the place. They remind us of Sam and Peter, the original River’s Edge dogs. 
We have a new dog named Mo—he’s a big loveable galoot. He lives with Tim and Suzy in Nashville. He likes to get out to River’s Edge as often as possible.


Like Sam and Peter before him, Mo is definitely a water dog. 

Oh, and here's one more shot of Sam just for posterity.



Tells us your Sam and Peter stories in the comments! Or maybe fun moments with your own pups at River's Edge.