I'd like to view your POLICIES. Where may I see those?

Absolutely! Click here to view our policies and general info.


I need directions to River’s Edge. Can you give me directions and a local map?

Yes! Click here. We’re located at the very end of about 3.5 miles of rural roads just to the north of Highway 4 near Watson, Oklahoma. Once you leave the highway, cell-service and GPS tends to be spotty, so it’s important to print-out or write down directions before you head this way. 


How far are you from where I live?

Depends on where you live! But you knew that. If you’re in or around Tulsa, we’re only three hours away. From Oklahoma City or Dallas, we’re about four hours. Here’s what we look like on Google Maps. We're in the northern part of the southeastern most county, scenic McCurtain County, so make sure you have your camera ready on the last hour of the drive. The trip over the Winding Stair and Kiamichi Mountains is gorgeous. The last bit of scenery if you’re headed up north from Texas ain’t bad, either. 


What are check in and check out times?

We guarantee check in by 4pm, but we always strive to get guests in as soon as possible. Check out time is 11am. If you desire an earlier check in please call the day before or day of check in to see how our schedule looks. We'll do our best!


What is required to secure my reservation?

A valid credit or debit card. We charge the first night’s rate plus tax (9.25%) upon receiving the reservation. The rest may be paid by card, cash, or check upon arrival. Click here to BOOK NOW!


Can I bring my dog? 

Depends on the cabin. The Streamside, Bear Cottage, Riverbend, Homestead, Mountain Escape, and Mountain Chalet cabins are pooch-friendly. Unfortunately, the rest are not. A $25 cleaning fee applies per dog, per night, with a two-dog maximum. We require that all dogs be kept on-leash outside of cabins and be kept off furniture inside. *$100 charge + $100/night fee for dogs at non-pet friendly cabins.


Can I bring my cat? My pet alligator? 

We like cats, but no, sadly. Alligators are not allowed at River’s Edge, either. Too many teeth.


Do you allow Sunday check-ins?

Typically we do not. We reserve Sundays as a day of rest for our staff to spend with their families. However, we occasionally make exceptions when we have staff willing to clean on a Sunday. That can make a late self-check in possible. It doesn't hurt to ask, but know we don't ever pressure our staff.


There’s snow and ice in the forecast. Can I postpone my booking?

If roads are actually impassable, snowy, or icy, then yes, you may postpone your booking to another date. However, we don’t do cancellations or postponements based on the forecast. Likewise, we don’t offer cancelations based on rainy weather. Check road conditions here.


Are kayaks and canoes provided?

You bet they are. Paddles and life-jackets, too. While guests head out on the river at their own risk, we strongly recommend the life-jackets. For most of the year, the river’s current is fairly gentle, and easy to navigate—but the river is always a wild thing, and as with anything in nature, must be respected.


If I take a kayak or canoe downstream, do I need to take it back to where I found it?

Yep! And do please seriously secure it and drag it up out of the river! While we would love to feature a kayak shuttle service, we currently are not able to offer one.


Is swimming allowed in the river?

Absolutely. Just make sure to bring water shoes—the rocks can be a bit hard on the feet. There are plenty of good shallow places for swimming, and lifejackets are always recommended.


Will I be able to hear the river from my cabin?

Unfortunately, this depends on two things: the location of your cabin, and the water level of the river. The river flows year-round, but its level fluctuates depending on rainfall. The best bets for being able to hear the river are the Bear Cottage, Streamside, Homestead, Pine Summit, Woodhaven, and River Ridge cabins, though you can often hear it at all of our cabins. We wish we could guarantee this! Unfortunately we’re not in charge of how high the river is! What we can guarantee you’ll hear is tons of birdsong, wind in the leaves and high up in the pines, a complete lack of traffic noise. 


Do all the cabins have grills?

Uh-huh! (That means yes!) Just bring something tasty and some charcoal, and you’re set. Lighter fluid is handy for charcoal and starting a fire in the fire pit.


Will I have cell service at River’s Edge? 

Unfortunately, because of the mountainous and hilly terrain here in Southeast Oklahoma, service can be spotty here. Any guest who needs to make a phone call is welcome to use our office line. We keep a mobile phone on the covered porch next to the office. Help yourself!


Do the cabins have wifi?

While we’re working on increasing connectivity at all of our cabins, they don’t yet all have wifi (BUT, fiber optic cable is on the way!). The Homestead, Pine Summit, Twisted Pine, Riverside Retreat, River Ridge, Mimosa Terrace, Woodhaven, Chesapeake, Whispering Heights, Windsong, Mountain Chalet, and Mountain Escape all have wifi. Do keep in mind wifi in the cabins won't support streaming. A couple of movies and your wifi speed will drop substantially! Your cell hotspot will out perform most of these services.


Are there TVs in the cabins?

The Homestead, Pine Summit, Woodhaven, Mimosa Terrace, Riverside Retreat and River Ridge have satellite TVs. The others are TV-free! 


When is the best time for Fall foliage?

It varies year-to-year, but typically our foliage peaks during late October and early November.


What’s the weather like at River’s Edge?

Here’s a link to our current ten-day forecast. Summers here are hot and humid, with temperatures occasionally reaching the 100s. Fall tends to be crisp and cool. Winters are generally mild, but may call for coats. Spring is wonderful and usually warm.  


Is smoking or vaping allowed?

Not indoors, but on porches and balconies, smoking is allowed—just pick up those butts, please.


Are there grocery stores or restaurants nearby?

Nope! Not really. There is a small grocery in Cove, AR (20 minutes), and a Dollar General in Smithville (15 minutes), but other than those there are few restaurants and no grocery stores within 35-40 minutes of River’s Edge. The nearest supermarket is located forty minutes away, in Mena, Arkansas. Make sure you bring food with you! There are wine/liquor stores in Hochatown on Hwy 259 south, 45 minutes away. You may purchase wine on Hwy. 4 east of Watson 3-4 mi. If you cross the AR line you went too far. The nearby Arkansas county is dry!


What time of year is best for fishing?

March through October tend to be the best times of year for fishing the Mountain Fork River. Mornings and evenings are usually a good bet. Heavy rainfall can put a damper on things, but if the water’s clear, cast a line! The river’s full of small-mouth bass—locals call ‘em brownies—and goggle-eyed perch. Very occasionally you might hook a gar or a channel catfish. We also have a fully-stocked pond—we’ve heard a few of the Florida bass in there are monsters. It also has crappie and bluegill. We’re huge proponents of catch-and-release here! That insures both the natural health of the river ecosystem, and that future guests have fish to catch, too. For more fishin tips click here.


Do I need a fishing license to fish at River’s Edge?

Nope! Since we’re located on private property, you don’t need to have a license to fish here.


Is everyone welcome?

Yes, absolutely! Everyone is welcome at River’s Edge.