By Tim


The color green is common to River's Edge. Even in winter the green of pines and holly trees provide color to the gray winter woods. And during winter many hollies will bear their fruit as gorgeous clusters of red berries hang from them.

But spring is on it's way and with it will come the long-awaited blooms of red bud and dogwood trees.     

  Red Bud.jpeg

The river banks will be splashed with the first cheery colors of spring as beautiful red bud trees adorn themselves throughout the month of March and into April. The red bud, the state tree of Oklahoma, is actually a beautiful fuchsia. Their color kind of straddles the line between purple and pink. And their blooms grow all along the limbs and branches instead of just sprouting from the ends. The woods at River's Edge will be full of them.                 


As the red buds begin to wain then come the dogwoods. We are often asked by guests when to book so as to enjoy the dogwoods, which are plentiful here. That's easy. April is month to enjoy these beauties.    

When dogwoods bloom, it means the fish are biting and the turkeys are gobbling. It's a glorious time!


These early weeks of spring bring another welcome splash of color to our woods. Purple wild irises will pop up everywhere and they do not disappoint. If you hike our riverwalk trail or our other trails on our property you're sure to see plenty irises and other wild flowers.

There's no better time to enjoy the woods with an easy hike!