Policies  &  Info

General Policies & Information


*Location Notice--We are located in extreme southeastern Oklahoma.

*Map Link and Directions--Click here to download a local map and directions.


*You will be charged the first night’s rate plus tax to book. The balance is due at check in (group bookings require half down). 2 nights plus tax are required on 5 nights or more booked.


*All requests for cancellation MUST BE CONFIRMED by us.
*$25 charge on all cancellations (Worry-Free Bookings cancelled are charged and additional 10% unless documentation is provided to ResNexus for a full refund).
*Cancellations less than 30 days prior to booking charged first night’s rate.
*Cancellations less than 7 days prior to booking charged 100% as no-shows. Any nights rebooked to another party will not be charged on cancellations.

*Arrival and Check In--Your cabin will be ready by 4pm, if not sooner; call for an earlier check in. Check out is 11pm. Be sure to bring your groceries/food items with you. Don’t wait to arrive before getting your food. Going back out for groceries w on’t be convenient.

*What’s provided at the cabin--linens, towels, toilet paper, hand soap, coffee, filters, basic seasonings, and candles. Cookware and serving ware are provided.

*What you should bring-- groceries, paper towels/napkins, bug spray, drinking water (if preferred), charcoal, and lighter fluid (it really helps with fires as well). Fire-pit chairs are provided, but larger cabins don’t have enough for larger groups. *Optional items: Water shoes, fishing tackle, swim wear, a light jacket, hiking shoes, insect repellant.

*Pet Policy--Note some cabins are not pet friendly. Guests must notify us you’re bringing dog(s) prior to your stay. Guests will be charged extra for excessive pet hair on furnishings. 

*See complete PET POLICY below.

*DRIVING DIRECTIONS--*Our physical address is 491 Rivers Edge Road, Watson, OK 74963. If using a GPS be sure to double check the route. You will lose cell signal. Google maps also use road numbers and names not posted on the roads themselves; this can be confusing. Print our map to bring or take a screenshot you can access in the case of losing signal.

*BRING THESE DIRECTIONS WITH YOU! You may not maintain a good cell signal. Print and bring or take a screen shot.

From Hwy 4/259 junction at Smithville...
Go east 6.5 mi. to Watson--you’ll see the gas/grocery on the right--turn left onto the paved road. (If you’re coming from Arkansas, go 7 mi. west on Hwy 4 from the junction of 4/71 at Cove, AR, then turn back hard to the right at the Watson Grocery.)
After turning off Hwy 4, s tay on the paved road 0.7 mi. (you’ll first see the post office on your left, then you’ll go to the left of the little church). Turn right at the intersection on top of the hill, then go another 0.7 mi. on the dirt road and turn left. You will then pass 4 possible right turns; take the 5th road to the right--it’s a true Y (you’ll notice a log fence on the left just before turning right). A half mile further you’ll come to a log house with an old rail fence; it’s the Homestead Cabin. Go just past the fence to the office, which is on the left. The total distance from Hwy 4 is 3.4 miles. It’s not as hard as it seems, but you must use your odometer and watch for our small signs for help...the first couple are high on telephone poles.
Again, the office is just past a log cabin with a green metal roof and a rail fence (Homestead); you’ll see the sign for the office. Our office phone is 580.244.7296. In case we’re not there you may try our cell phone at 918-775-1122 or 918-775-0628.


*Lifejackets are provided and required while in the river or boats.
*DO NOT LEAVE CANOES OR KAYAKS DOWNSTREAM! We lose several boats a year because of this.
*No offroad ATVs. Use of ATVs is strictly at guest’s own risk.

For privacy reasons use of drones at Rivers Edge is strictly forbidden.

*Some cabins are not pet-friendly (Violations charged $100 minimum, plus a nightly fee).
*Pet friendly cabins include Bear and Streamside Cottages, Homestead, Riverbend, Mtn. Chalet, and Mtn. Escape only.
*Pet policy limits guests to two dogs or less, per cottage.
*Dogs cannot be left unsupervised inside cottage.
*Dogs must be leashed at all times while in the presence of other guests or dogs.
*Owners must clean up after their dogs.
*No barking allowed as to not disturb other guests.
*Guests must declare dog(s) upon arrival
*Rivers Edge Cottages will charge an extra cleaning fee of $100 due to stains, damages, excessive hair, or dog(s) being on furnishings.